Halcyon Calc v1.5 Available

Halcyon Touch Software is proud to announce that Halcyon Calc version 1.5 is now available from the iPhone App Store. Version 1.5 introduces support for calculus operations like derivatives and integrals. Given a symbolic expression, Halcyon Calc can now determine the derivative of that expression. Also, it can determine the numeric integral of an expression between a lower and upper bound. Symbolic integration is possible with polynomial expressions or non-polynomials by first generating a Taylor series approximation.

Halcyon Calc is a full-featured RPN calculator for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Among the key features of Halcyon Calc are complex number support and the ability to enter, evaluate, plot and find the roots of expressions. The calculator provides over 190 operations including trigonometry and logarithm functions. With simple programming support, the calculator allows you to create your own operations which you can use with the other built-in operations in expressions. The user interface is unique and takes excellent advantage of a touch based interface to allow you to quickly scroll through the stack, copy and paste values from the stack and page through operations to manipulate values on that stack.

Halcyon Touch Software was founded in 2008 by Jeremy Rand with the goal of providing wonderful software for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad platforms.