Halcyon Calc v1.2 Submitted to Apple for Review

Halcyon Touch Software is proud to announce a major upgrade to Halcyon Calc has been submitted to Apple for review. Version 1.2 brings graphing of symbolic expressions to Halcyon Calc.

But unlike scientific calculators of years past, the plot is highly interactive on your iPhone or iPod Touch. You can pan the coordinate space by just dragging your finger. You can zoom in and out with a simple pinch gesture. An X/Y cursor can be dragged around the screen directly and the calculator gives you instant feedback of its current numeric coordinates on the grid. If the default display is too small to get a good perspective on your plot, rotate the device to landscape mode. The buttons disappear and the plot goes full screen giving you more detail.

Version 1.2 will be a free upgrade for all existing customers and the price remains unchanged at $4.99 for new customers. Work on version 1.3 will begin shortly and please vote in our brand new poll to help direct our work on that version and other future version of Halcyon Calc.