Halcyon Calc v1.1 Submitted to Apple

Halcyon Touch is proud to announce that development and testing of an update to Halcyon Calc is complete. Version 1.1 has been submitted today to Apple for review.

Among the features of this update are the following:

- The ability to string a series of numbers, symbols and operations together into sequences to automate calculations.
- Store these sequences into symbols which then become custom operations which you can use in your own expressions.
- The ability to retrieve a numeric or text representation of the last error raised by the calculator
- The page control at the bottom of the calculator has been removed. When trying to hit the period button, it was very easy to slip and hit the page control. Given that swiping works very well, the page control has been removed.

Although we would like this update to arrive in the App Store for everyone by Christmas but likely it will be reviewed and available sometime in the New Year.

Work on version 1.2 will also begin in January so if you have any feedback for us on what you would like to see, please let us know.