click sound

How do I turn off the click sound without lowering the ringer volume?


I don't think there is a way to turn off the click sound when pressing buttons today except through lowering the volume. We will see if we can disable the click when the ringer is disabled on an iPhone (I don't think there is an equivalent control on the iPod Touch though).

Since I posted my previous comment, I have re-installed v1.1 and tested the shipping release of Halcyon Calc (versus v1.2 which is in active development with significant changes to the UI code). Turns out that on an iPhone, Halcyon Calc mutes the key clicks when the ringer is disabled which is the correct behaviour. So, that is one way of muting the clicks without turning down the volume. At first I thought some of my UI re-write did this but now I see this was working this way already which is good.

There is also a preference in Sound Settings for turning off keyboard clicks. Ideally, when keyboard clicks are disabled, Halcyon Calc will also not generate clicks. I am not sure whether an app can legally test this setting using the supported iPhone SDK but if I can, I will look at including this change in v1.2. That way, if you have disabled keyboard clicks on your iPhone or iPod Touch, Halcyon Calc will respect that setting.

I have used flag bit 51 to control whether or not key clicks are audible. This bit will be used to mute the calculator in general but right now, the only sound it makes is key clicks. This will be in v1.2 of Halcyon Calc.

I don't see any easy way to get at the global configuration for the iPhone but if I can, I will respect that setting also.

I have figured out what I was doing wrong to get automatic support for the silence switch on the iPhone. The upcoming version 1.2 of HalcyonCalc will not produce click sounds when the switch is set to silent mode. Also, the mode flag can be used to turn off clicks regardless of the state of the silence switch.